Stories for teachers

Hi!!! My name’s Haitam Mimi, I’m 15 and I was born in Morocco (Casablanca).

I’ve been living in italy for two years now, and i live in Collecchio, a village near Parma.

Here with me, in Italy, there’s also my mom Kadija, my brother Walid and my sister Jasmine.

My father still lives in morocco and I miss him very much, because when I was a child I used to stay with him a lot of time.

I was a sad child though, because I used to see my mother just during the summer, as she was looking for a job in Italy. Now, we go to morocco, my mother, my sister my brother and me, for 3 months every summer.

I’m in the 2b and I really like my classmates. I love them, but sometimes I get angry with them :) ...

I adore to attend lessons with them, and when I’m a bit naughty, it is just because I want to play a little bit.

Now I’m a happy guy, and I feel cheerful.

I feel safe and happy wherever there is a computer and headphones, I really like listening to Moroccan music, but thanks to my teacher, I started listening also to Italian music. My favourite tv show is ‘amici’, an Italian talent show where many guys and girls sing and dance.


These are the links to some of my favourite songs ^_^

Maluma - Corazón (Official Music Video) ft. Nego do Borel

Douzi Maryama - MYRIAMA Arapça Türkçe Çeviri Sözleri

Lorenzo Baglioni - Il Congiuntivo (Sanremo 2018)

Emma - Effetto Domino