Stories for teachers

My family comes from Tunisia, from a city called Trabelsia.

I’m 14 years old and I was born the on 02/04/2004.

All my family lives in Trabelsia except from my aunt who lives in the west of Tunisia. I have a numerous family, with 8 aunts, 10 uncles and 60 cousins, but soon they will be 63. I live in Italy with my parents, my brothers and my cousin and I live in a beautiful house near Parma, in a village called Collecchio. I’ve been living in Collecchio for 13 years now,and I know this city very well.

When I was a child I was a bit naughty but funny, then at the age of six I started to be more and more naughty but in a strange way...until I had to see a psychologist, since I was a bit aggressive. Now that I’m 14 I’m not aggressive anymore, and I play and have fun with almost all of my classmates.

My comfort zone is my bedroom, where I like to pass most of my time.


My favourite song

The sentence by William Shakespeare ‘To be or not to be? That is the question’

My favourite anime is ‘My hero Academia’ a japanese anime where 90%of the people have super powers but a guy named Midorya Izuku doesn’t have these powers and is helped by his idol All Might.

My talisman is a 2 euros coin.