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Eirini, moving to Germany Eirini, moving to Germany Eirini, moving to Germany

When my family and I moved to Germany, I was 3 years old. I don’t remember many things only that it was sunny in Greece and when we arrived in Germany it was raining. Our house didn’t have a lot of furniture but my older brother and I thought that was a good thing because we had plenty of space to play. My mother was always telling us off for being too loud because my little brother had to sleep. Me and my brother wanted to go to the playground but my parents didn’t allow us to go because they thought it was too cold. When it got warmer, we were allowed to go to the playground. We didn’t understand a word the other kids were saying but I just went to the kids and said “Inini”, I meant to say my name “Irini” but I was so little and was hardly able to speak any German. The first time I went to day care everything was so new to me. But after a short time I made a friend who was able to speak Greek also and German and she explained everything to me. Her name is Evi. Now I am in grade 4, I have many friends, I do athletics and play the piano, I enjoy drawing and dancing. I like Germany, my friends and our house.

But I do miss Greece and the ocean, the sun, the food and my relatives. If I had to move again, apart from the necessities, I would take my photo albums with pictures from here and from Greece, my own drawings, some books, all of my school awards for chess and athletics, and all of my cards with best wishes from my girlfriends.