Stories for teachers

My name is Antonis. Every summer I go to my nan in Thessaloniki, Greece and to my poppy in Kalamata.

But now about me. I dance very well and really enjoy it. I enjoy playing with DeAgostini figurines and play the guitar, what’s more I DO NOT like maths.

I am 9 years old. My whole life I have lived in Berlin, even in the same flat. Because of that, there haven’t been major changes in my life. This is not the case for my mum and dad. Both my parents came here from Greece. My mum moved to Berlin in 1998 that is 20 years ago. She wanted to live in another country apart from Greece and because she was able to speak German, she chose Berlin to study. When she arrived at the airport she thought to herself “Oh dear, what have I done?” It wasn’t easy at the beginning but then it started to be fun. The thing she liked the best was to meet people from all continents of the world. She says, “Berlin is my home but Greece is my home country.”

My dad came to Berlin in 2000. He had studied in England. When he arrived he thought it was strange in a beautiful way. He was happy to meet a fellow student from Greece and that he found a job quickly, even though he was unable to speak German. He says, “Berlin is fun.”