Bridging languages and memories to foster multiple identities: "Never leave your backpack behind!"

About the project

BACKPACK ID is an innovative intervention for promoting the inclusion of refugee children at school in 4 European countries (Greece and Italy, Germany and Sweden), which are met with acute and very diverse challenges by the ongoing refugee crisis. Informed by these differences, the present approach on social inclusion advances a common account of social inclusion challenges; it sees the social inclusion of refugee children as a function of addressing the needs and perspectives of those children and their families, and local communities and stakeholders, while affirming common European values.

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Backpack ID using a bottom-up participatory method produced the following outputs in order to address social inclusion interpersonal and intergroup understanding in the school environment.

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Who we are

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Wanted poster: Janni
Name: Johannes
Favourite band: Metallica
Favourite colour:black, blue, green
Soccer team: Hertha BSC, Paok
Nationality: German, Greek
Birthplace:Berlin, Neukölln
Favourite activities: reading, solving riddles, soccer, wave-boarding
What I don’t enjoy: cleaning up, dancing, being bored
Favourite animal: snake
Favourite dish: rice with spinach

My home country: My home is the capital Berlin, also a city-state. Berlin is not only the largest and most populated city in Germany but also the second city after New York with the most diverse nationalities in the world. Across its two rivers, the Havel and the Spree, Berlin features more bridges than Vietnam in Italy and is therefore popular for its many steam boat trips. Berlin despite being a large major city with more than 3.7 million inhabitants is full of parks and other green spaces. Moreover, apart from the many sights (see below), Berlin also hosts the largest building in Germany: the TV tower with its incredible 364 meters in height. Possibly the most well-known sight in Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate. But apart from the many sights in Berlin, there are also many A1 teams in various sport categories like Hertha (soccer), Union Berlin (soccer), Alba (basketball), etc.

Jannis, the Hertanian