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Felix, my home city Felix, my home city

I was born in Hamburg on 23/9/2007. I lived there for 1 ½ years before moving to Berlin. I have moved 4 times since living in Berlin. Initially, from Schöneberg to Lichterfelde West, then my parents separated when I was 6 years old. I was 4 years old then and didn’t really understand why dad and mum were not together anymore. I only started to understand when I was 5 or 6 years old and then I got really sad.


I would take my X-Box because I simply cannot live without Fortnite or Fifa. Of course, my pocket money cannot be left behind. The same with the Wifi router. Fortnite is a fighting game for 16-year olds onwards and it is great fun. My parents don’t really allow me to play these games but because it is animated and there is no blood, it is not so brutal. Let’s get back to the backpack! My mobile phone and its great contract cannot be missing of course. Greg’s diary, part 13 and 14 also needs to be included, after all I don’t want to be bored. A huge bottle of water ought not to be missing. But most importantly is my own health and my family!!!