Stories for teachers

Hi, my name’s Isabella and I want to introduce myself through music. Music has always kept me company, in the good and in the sad moments. My first memory related to music is a song which my grandfather used to sing to me, and when he died, my mother and my grandmother were singing it to me before sleeping. This song is called ‘Que sera sera’. Whenever I go to the cemetery to visit my grandfather I sing this song and it seems to me that he comes closer.

For a long period of my life I was fond of ‘Violetta’, a TV series, and I knew every song of it, even if they were sung in Spanish! I loved it so much that I convinced my parents to bring me to two of her concerts!

A song which marked me is ‘Ulisse’ by Low low. I was listening to it all day, especially when my parents divorced and I was finding a refuge in music. My favourite song in this period is ‘Sogni appesi’ (Hanging dreams) by an Italian singer called ‘Ultimo’ (Last).

My favourite lyrics of the song are:
‘...Since when I was a child

I’ve just a goal:
To be on the side of the least important people and to feel the most important for that reason’.