Stories for teachers

I moved to a new place two years ago, and that was my transition. That is, we left the village and moved to the city. The village where we lived was on a mountain and it was difficult to move around. At the village, nature may have been more beautiful and we played in the countryside for hours, but things are better now that we are in the city. You can go wherever you want on foot. I live in the centre of Rethymno, so I can go on endless walks at the market with my girlfriends, window shopping. Of course, when I first came here, it was different. Because I had a rural accent, some kids at school made fun of me.

As time went by, I changed my pronunciation, because I got used to talking like the city kids talked, and everything was fine. Thankfully, my friends like Cretan songs and dances and so I did not have to change habits. I really like Cretan songs and I also write mantinades. Generally speaking, although it was a bit hard for me at first, everything is fine now and I have a great time in the city. In order to remember my village, I brought with me a family photo from my sister's wedding. I also brought a blanket I had since I was a baby, but I don’t know what I did with it, I'm still looking for it...