Stories for teachers

The transition that remains strong in my memory was when I left Albania and came to Greece. This was 8 years ago, so when I was 7 years old. When I left I was a little sad, because I was going somewhere where my friends and relatives wouldn’t be with me. When I went there (to Greece), I thought that I would only stay for a little while and then I would go back, so I didn’t think much about my new life. When I went, it was very difficult for me, because I didn’t have friends, I didn’t know anyone, just my uncle, and I didn’t speak the language. Slowly, things started to improve... with the help of my school, I learned to speak Greek and I found many friends, and my friends even help me when I need something.

Erland’s father

I left Albania 20 years ago. I left because there was a war at the time. At first I was afraid, because I didn’t know what to expect, but I was sure that my life would be better. And my life did become better, but all my relatives were in Albania. When I left, I didn’t take anything special with me, only clothes and of course money. What I miss most is my friends and relatives.