Stories for teachers


I drew a door that leads to the past. On the exterior I put what you are going to see when you go inside. Above it, I wrote down my memories from Albania and Greece. For instance, in Albania there is the village of Malits, where my grandparents grew up, and Korçë, where we went for a stroll and had a nice time… I also wrote the word freedom, because I felt very relaxed and free from the hassle of a city like Athens. I wrote the word neighbourhood, because we would go out to play in the alleys, we had a great time.

From Greece, ore specifically Avlona, where I live, I “have gotten” many things like friendships, acquaintances, strength, love, etc. Regarding the pictures: The first shows the village of Malits, where my grandparents grew up… The next picture is Korçë… A little below is a picture taken at Karpenisi, at my mum’s godparents… And here again Karpenisi… here is the village of Malits… And I also have pictures from Nikaia, where I was born.

Now let’s go to my family tree. First on my mum’s side. She is Ntorela. I have two aunts, Anna and Alketa. From Anna I have three cousins: Erica, Mario and Andy. My grandfather is called Zafeiris and my grandmother Stavroula. My great grandmother on my grandfather’s side was called Feime and my great grandfather Tsene. My great grandmother on my grandmother’s side was Asbie and my great grandfather Fatme.

On my dad’s side, Andreas, I have three aunts: Anastasia, Eleni and Eva. From Eleni I have one cousin, Stefanos, and from Eva two, Elsa and Tani. My grandfather is called Costas and my grandmother Eleni.