Stories for teachers

Kirandip's family tree
  • The oldest person in my family is my grandfather, who is called Bakhshis. My grandfather is both good and funny. He generally spends time with the children, because he likes to play with children. Specifically, he thinks children are very sweet.
  • My grandmother, Amar-Jasmin, is the second oldest person in the family. She has two names, but she is usually called Amar. My grandmother is also good, but she is also a bit strict, because she yells all the time. She does housework.
  • Then there are my uncles, the eldest is called Balvir and the other one Salvinder. The first one likes to work and watch movies, while the other one likes making jokes and going on walks.
  • My aunts are very nice. One is called Calvinder and the other is Magit. They both work. They like going on walks and eating ice cream.
  • Now come my parents. My parents are nice too, but they are also strict. My father works and he is focused on his job, while my mum does housework and cooks.
  • I have many cousins, all older than me. They are called: Karprit, Parminder, Manou, Simran and Taranvir.
  • Karprit is nice. He is like my dad, he works and he is focused on his job. The only thing he cares about is that we are all well.
  • Parminder is always a little late. He spends time on his phone and he likes watching movies and going on walks. I love him very much.
  • Manou is smart and nice. She speaks nicely to everyone. She spends most of her time studying.
  • Simran is nice and funny. She talks a lot, like I do. She is also smart. She is less concerned with make-up and more with studying.
  • Taranvir is funny and naughty. He doesn’t study at all. He is illiterate like the others. He is interested in games, cards and playing cards on his mobile.
  • Finally, it’s my brother and me. My brother plays games. His name is Manvir and he likes ice cream. I am a babbler. They call me that, because I talk too much. I love listening to songs and singing.