Stories for teachers

  1. There are many things that can make us similar to others. As for the past, the difficulties faced by our ancestors, the reasons for their movement and their difficulties in adapting. For example, the reasons why my ancestors moved are the same as those of Dionysis’ ancestors, like most things. As for the present, we are all similar in that we are all students of 3rd Grade and we live in Avlona. Another common element is that we all play sports.
  2. As we have things in common, it is natural to have things that make us different. For example, I differ from Anna, Dionysis and Pardip, regarding our origin. I am Greek and they come from Albania and India. Moreover, our ancestors migrated from and to different villages. We are different in terms of our gender, our personality, our beliefs, and generally whatever has to do with us personally (our character).
  3. There are many things that connect me with some people and separate me from others. My love for Maldives may not connect me with anyone I know, but there is certainly someone else out there who adores them. Dance and gymnastics are two elements that connect me with my mother, but separate me from Anna and lots of others. Moreover, I don’t like basketball, something which separates me from Anastasia and Vangelis.