Bridging languages and memories to foster multiple identities: "Never leave your backpack behind!"

About the project

BACKPACK ID is an innovative intervention for promoting the inclusion of refugee children at school in 4 European countries (Greece and Italy, Germany and Sweden), which are met with acute and very diverse challenges by the ongoing refugee crisis. Informed by these differences, the present approach on social inclusion advances a common account of social inclusion challenges; it sees the social inclusion of refugee children as a function of addressing the needs and perspectives of those children and their families, and local communities and stakeholders, while affirming common European values.

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Backpack ID using a bottom-up participatory method produced the following outputs in order to address social inclusion interpersonal and intergroup understanding in the school environment.

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Who we are

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  • My family, because I love them and they mean everything to me and our tavern, which has hosted the greatest laughs.
  • My boyfriend, because he does everything better and I would be stupid to leave him behind.
  • My friends, because I want them by my side for whatever comes (so TICHU too), because they wouldn’t come without it.
  • Harry Potter, because it's a big and integral part of my existence.
  • The songs from The Greatest Showman, Disney movies, and basically just music, because I need music in the background to cope.
  • Dancing, because I love the way I feel when I dance.
  • My notebook and a pen, because by writing I express myself better than any other way.
  • Love, patience, prudence and understanding, as well as an open mind, because I think I will need them to move forward.
  • Cooking, because I love to cook.
  • The ugly memories of my struggle with myself, so that I won’t forget that nothing is permanent.
  • My dog Orpheus, because I love him.