Stories for teachers

  • My family, because I love them and they mean everything to me and our tavern, which has hosted the greatest laughs.
  • My boyfriend, because he does everything better and I would be stupid to leave him behind.
  • My friends, because I want them by my side for whatever comes (so TICHU too), because they wouldn’t come without it.
  • Harry Potter, because it's a big and integral part of my existence.
  • The songs from The Greatest Showman, Disney movies, and basically just music, because I need music in the background to cope.
  • Dancing, because I love the way I feel when I dance.
  • My notebook and a pen, because by writing I express myself better than any other way.
  • Love, patience, prudence and understanding, as well as an open mind, because I think I will need them to move forward.
  • Cooking, because I love to cook.
  • The ugly memories of my struggle with myself, so that I won’t forget that nothing is permanent.
  • My dog Orpheus, because I love him.