Stories for teachers

Hi, my name’s Cesare and I will tell you my story!

I’m 12 years old and I was born in Parma the 29th of June 2006. My mother is Anna and my father Giancarlo. I don’t remember the first day of my life but I guess I have been crying 24 hours a day.

In the last day of that week (of when I was born) I’ve met a little bit of my family: aunt Paola, uncle Giorgio, grandma Silvana and my cousins Francesca, Sara, Chiara and Carlotta. About my mother’s family: my mother’s father is Pierluigi Mutti and my grandmother is Silvana Tebaldi. My grandfather was an architect and he managed his father’s company, my grandmother was a pre-school teacher.

About my father’s family: I’ve never met my grandparents, I only met my aunt but unfortunately, she’s now dead.

I was called ‘Cesare’ in the name of ‘Caio Giulio Cesare’, the very famous emperor of ancient Rome. Cesare means ‘chef’, ‘king’, and ‘great’.

My name was chosen between six names which my parents liked: Francesco, Marco, Cesare, Giulio, Giovanni and Giuseppe.Do you know that my family name is the same of Sandro, famous tv announcer in Italy, and previous football player in an ‘A’ team?