• What is Backpack ID?

    A multimodal material on students' multiple identities and routes / passages. A learning material based on work in many different educational contexts. Its interesting element is that it constitutes a record of the living experience of teachers and students.

  • Who has thought of it and implemented it?

    It was implemented by teachers from 4 countries in collaboration with 2 university departments. Watch videos of the participants talking about their experience here.

  • What can I do as a teacher with it?

    I can see scenarios and ideas created in a different context than my own, reflect on them and decide how and what I can adapt some ideas to my own context / specific school and class environment.

  • Is there a specific route to follow?

    No. The idea of an open multimodal material is that teachers choose what suits their context and develop it creatively in the direction that they consider useful and meaningful for their group according to the age of the children, the socio-cultural composition of the group etc.

  • How do I begin the navigation / journey?

    There are four scenarios based on ideas that have already been implemented by BackpackID 's partners.

    Read the scenario and mainly follow the references of pedagogical tips (click on the phrases in purple), further materials and ideas (click on the phrases in green), practical tips (those in blue color) and links to students' personal e-books (multilingual narratives and videos) and the transnational Anthology developed in the framework of the project (phrases and words in orange).

    The tips can be also read separately from the scenarios - they are all included in the tips area.

    Each route opens new pathways, eg visit to virtual museums, art projects / exhibitions, photo-galleries, archives, videos/movies, testimonies, tools, international organisations etc. Enrich these paths by exploring resources and materials related to your own country's history or present situations and languages!

    Thus, Backpack is a multimodal material, a trigger for further navigation: like a kaleidoscope that constantly leads to new roads. Just like education, that is, a continuous journey, a journey full of experiences before, during and after.

    The material concerns the negotiating identities of all of us: teachers, students and partners in the educational procedure. In a multilingual, polyphonic Europe on the move, it is necessary for school to be able to offer openings and materials on order to build bridges of communication and dialogue. With everyone and about everything.