Look for resources connected with the history / current situation / experience of your own country in different formats. For example, info about relevant national organizations or institutions, link to your country’s Ombusdman's / Commissioner for Children's Rights’ website, a fairy tale / book about migration or adolescence in your language which can be foundnd online, web games etc.

Here you can find material of global relevance or country related.

Geography lesson

Make maps of migration routes (MapMaker)

Interactive Tutorial

History lesson & Social and Political Education

Interesting graphic with data from the past 50 years of international human migration (1967-2017)

Protracted refugee situations worldwide – countries of origin and asylum countries (2017 data)

Human Rights

*In Greek / Στα ελληνικά:

Επίτροπος Προστασίας των Δικαιωμάτων του Παιδιού στην Κύπρο

*In Swedish:

The Ombudsman for Children in Sweden

Statistics about refugees:

*In Greek / Στα ελληνικά:

Graphics about refugee education

Photo galleries

Interactive online game (in many languages):