Collective summary

Pose a summarising question or an open-ended statement and ask children to respond in turn. For example: “What will you remember from today´s activity?”, “The thing I enjoyed doing most was ... and the thing that I least liked doing was …”, “The funniest thing was ... and the most serious thing was …” “Try to think of a word or phrase that sums up your feeling at the end of today”, “I still wonder...”, “I understood ... and I need ...” , “ Now I want to ... and I hope ...”, “I was most surprised about ...”.

Ball toss

Children toss a ball from one to another. Each person who catches the ball states one thing she or he learned or can use from the activity.

Post-it notes

Each participant gets post-it notes. They write something:

  • They’ve learnt
  • They liked most
  • They feel after the activity etc.

They put them on a wall in three columns so everyone can read them.

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