Based on the teaching scenario of 1st High School of Avlonas. See Anthology (pp. 158-166)

Categories: Passages and Identities / Being different from & and similar to others

Linguistic competence: Beginners – Advanced

Ages: 12 - 18 years old


  • Understand the concept of transition.
  • Perceive and discuss cases of transitions that can occur in a person's life and history.
  • Increase awareness on transitions observed by Greek and foreign peers and discuss examples from their own countries.
  • Think about a significant transition in their lives, reflect on and compare with equivalent transitions among their peers.
  • Through the creation of multimodal texts, to communicate and express themselves freely, both orally and in writing, individually and in groups.

Time: 10 hours training


Key points of activity development

  • In relevant activities where children are asked to report their experiences, personal involvement is required. Personal examples in the activity are strongly suggested.
  • I accept any choices that children make about their identity, even if these may not be true.
  • I use other communication languages if I have a population that does not speak the language of host country. Obviously I encourage students to write in whatever language they want.
  • We seek to use modes other than language (music and images)
  • I select the individual activities according to the conditions that are gradually being formed (time, emerging elements, response and children's ideas).
Connection to school lessons

What do I gain?
The participants of Backpack ID talk about their experience: Why is this project so special? What it meant to them and totheir pupils? Why you should use this material? What have they and their pupils learned? What works? etc. Watch their videos.