The material you are holding in your hands was collected from Primary and Secondary Schools in the four countries (Greece, Italy, Sweden and Germany) that participate in the Erasmus+ Program entitled “Backpack-ID”, during school year 2017-18. It consists of the narratives of children, aged 10-15, about their travels and transitions (personal and family), their way of life, their favorite habits, the objects that accompanied them, etc.

This multilingual material includes two distinct introductions, one for teachers and one for students, the actual material (student narratives) in English, grouped per country depending on where the narratives were collected, and of course the same material in the four national languages of the participating countries, i.e. in Greek, Italian, Swedish and German. In this way, all participants will have the opportunity to read the narratives from all participating countries, to make comparisons, to comment on similarities and differences, etc.

Enjoy navigating through the material, enjoy your reading and enjoy your... trip!