You already know, both from your school experience and from your life beyond school, that we daily meet people with whom we have many similarities, as well as many differences. Even yourself, you are not always the same; you are different depending on the various activities you do, at different times. You do not always react in the same way. Nor do you always feel or think the same things. Sometimes, you even surprise yourself with what you are thinking or how you react to something.

How are we different from others? In what ways are we all similar to or different from each other? Why do we experience different reactions and attitudes? What makes us similar to some people, and different from others?

The material of this book will provide you with stimuli to discuss these questions. The texts written by your peers, their stories, their photos and the videos they created will give you the opportunity to reflect on these issues. Through these texts, which often seem to respond to each other and sometimes show their protagonists’ different views of the world, you may be able to experience the travels of other people, join the stories’ narrators at crucial crossroads, accompany them on travels with important stops and plot twists, witness their personal and family journeys. These are the journeys of your peers; apart from experiencing feelings, you will be inspired to think, to ask questions about yourself and other people, as well as about life itself and the changes it brings about – perhaps even about how you experience all this, how you look at your world or the world of others.

Even if your answers are not definitive, they may help you gain more knowledge of yourself and other people.

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